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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Data Protection

You will have noticed that new legislation on data protection is to be implemented tomorrow (25 May) and we have all been receiving, ironically, far more emails than we would have wished from various email lists we are subscribed to asking us if we wish to remain subscribed. The data policy of Rack Press has always been, long before the new legislation was conceived, not to share data in any circumstances with advertisers, researchers, other companies and so on. All we "hold" is a list of email addresses for friends of Rack Press whom we intend to invite to the next launch. If you have received an email from us in the past year (we do not issue bulletins or regular mailings, only very occasional invitations to our book launches) this will be because you have in the past indicated an interest in Rack Press. We always make clear that all recipients can unsubscribe with immediate effect and this will remain our policy. You will see this when, if currently on our address list, you next receive an invitation. If you cannot wait for this and would like to unsubscribe NOW please email rackpress@ nicholasmurray.co.uk with the single word "unsubscribe" and you will vanish instantly.

Thank you for your patience.